Fabian Valsecchi, owner and founder of Fabian’s Bicycle Transport is proud to announce the purchase and acquisition of Move My Bicycle.

Move My Bicycle is the Western Cape’s trusted bicycle transport company that was established back in 2016 and has become the provincial leader in fully assembled bike transport from Western Cape and Eastern Cape to all major Mountain bike, road cycling and triathlon events nationwide. Phillip Olivier (Previous owner of Move My Bicycle (Pty) Ltd) had no intention of selling the business in a hurry as he was “waiting for the right person, to take it and make it a success”. To Phillip, he believes that based on the rapid growth of the youthful Fabian’s Bicycle Transport brand – Move My Bicycle and its clients are placed in the safe hands of Fabian Valsecchi (The new owner).

Fabian Valsecchi (25 years old) grew up riding a bicycle to school everyday to racing BMX at World Championships in 2010. He then became a local professional road cyclist from the age of 19. Fabian started his bike transport adventure by simply charging friends to transport their bikes to the races he was participating in as a pro amateur cyclist, covering his travel expenses from 2016 to opening an official business transporting bikes in 2017. Since then, Fabian has welcomed an industry leading reputation of providing a safe and secure service transporting bikes fully assembled in specially designed trucks and trailers from Gauteng and later on expanding to Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Now with the acquisition of Move My Bicycle – also offering from Western Cape and Eastern Cape becoming the industry leader when it comes to the bike transport service.

“It has not been easy. Fabian’s Bicycle Transport launched in 2019 and had a solid first half of the financial year, then the whole world came tumbling down with Covid and the national Lockdown. This saw us go from hero to zero in the space of two weeks. The business eventually ran all of its resources dry due to the continuous extension of lockdown. I had to have multiple different jobs to keep the wheels rolling with bike transport. I nearly reached a point of giving up on the dream and moving to a permanent job, but luckily through the support of mentors, friends and family – I was told to keep believing in the light at the end of the tunnel. Since the easing of restrictions, events have opened up and suddenly everyone just wants to race. Our core clients have stuck with us and have really been the reason for the growth of the business, they have understood our difficult position in lockdown and made a conscious effort to spread the word and help grow the brand. Further to this, the bike stores and clubs have been our real secret to success. The drop off points have been strategically located for the client to have the most convenient experience where they do not need to travel a far distance to drop and collect their bike after the race – thank you to all our stores that host us! The future holds a lot of hard work and stressful times but I believe I am surrounded by the people that will help me grow this to the potential it is capable of. A few years ago, my goal was to be the biggest transporter in the industry, now im here! It’s time to reach higher, not focus on competitor’s but rather focus on how we can be a memorable part of the cycling/triathlon event experience. I hope the Cape clients enjoy free beer as much as the Gauteng clients do!!” – Fabian Valsecchi

We are confident that we can continue giving the best service in the industry and carry the Move My Bicycle standard to the next level. A massive thanks goes to Phillip and Joan Olivier for the opportunity and trust in Fabian to continue with the reputation they built up over the years.

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Thank you all for the support and we hope to carry on improving and lifting the standard of how bike transport should be.

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