Day two is a complimentary session to yesterdays workout where we did muscle tensioning as a leg strength workout with low cadence efforts, today we are focusing on leg speed and tempo endurance. To disect the workout, the first set is 4x4min efforts where staying in your base zone 2, progress your cadence every 4 minutes capping at 110rpm. Second and third set is 3x4min in Zone 3 + zone 4, where you will once again progress the cadence up to 105rpm (the higher zones we won’t go too high cadence for now, plenty of time in the next 20 days to get stronger for this).

The workout is aimed at helping you establish what is the most comfortable cadence for yourself, I don’t believe (in my opinion) you can be told what cadence to ride with – it is a personal preference, however there are parameters you should stick to which I usually tell people anywhere between 80 and 105rpm (only recommend up to 110rpm for a higher end athlete to keep efficient in your pedal effectiveness).

Benefits of high/low cadence?
Cadence is one of the most important parameters in cycling. Find an optimal cadence that works for you to ensure maximal efficiency (getting the most power using minimal effort).
Low Cadence: lower end of the spectrum being 80rpm (Anything lower than this is junk) keeps your heart rate low(er) but leg strain higher, meaning your muscle fatigue may be more compromised. For those that don’t like riding with their heart rate high, this is the cadence for you.
High Cadence: The higher end of the cadence spectrum being around 105rpm, works the exact opposite. riding at a high cadence causes your heart rate (at the same power comparison) to be higher than in the low cadence, HOWEVER your legs take less strain reducing muscle fatigue within a ride. I will always endorse a higher cadence due to the simple logic that your heart can recover, but once there is damage done to your legs, you can not recover from that (during the ride). For triathletes, a higher cadence is definitely the way to go, seeing that you will bee running after the bike where you need to go in as fresh as possible.

Use this workout to find what works for YOU.

Fabian Valsecchi
Fabian’s Bicycle Transport